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F. B. Mondial motorcycles have always been amongst the most aristocratic of Italian motorcycles. They did after all come from a family of nobility. In the immediate post-war period, the brothers Boselli (the Fratelli Boselli of F.B.) set up their motorcycle business making racing bikes and were to go on to dominate International Competition throughout the 1950s, mostly winning in the smaller capacity classes and naturally, road going versions of their bikes were built and sold on their reputation. Compared to the larger concerns of Benelli and Moto Guzzi, Mondials were made in much smaller numbers and today, even the most modest Mondial commands a premium over other bikes from that era. Helped no doubt by the fact that F.B. Mondial continued only into the early 1960s, when the company ceased manufacture of their own engines and moved to more mass-produced machinery using bought-in engines.

For small capacity singles, the Mondial road-going bikes were unusual for that period being four-stroke and this particular Mondial is a 125/D Turismo model, dating from 1962. Developing 7 hp at 6,000 rpm and with a four-speed gearbox, this bike is capable of 90 km/h. Bought directly from Italy in 2014 by McGrath Italian, it has curious markings and was sold as a Poker D’Assi (which translates as Four Aces). We admit to not knowing any more about whether this was original to the bike or not (if you do then please get in touch!) but the actual bike is undoubtedly extremely original, beautifully proportioned and with great patina. No attempt has been made to run the engine but it kicks over with no problem and goes into gear. We would certainly want to re-commission it but not restore and as such it would be a perfect entry to the Giro D’Italia and other classic motorcycle events.

Any Mondial is rare and in some ways the road bikes are rarer now than the racers. Just as cool and a fraction of the cost, they are also an excellent investment. The Mondial company has had a couple of re-boots in recent times and if successful the value of its heritage will rise disproportionately.

This bike is being sold as a project, with an Italian registration document,  NOVA reference for ease of registration once commissioned and MOT tested.