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More famous today for their fabulous grand touring cars such as Grifo and Lele, Iso Rivolta did however start in a much more modest way. Renzo Rivolta’s company from Bresso near Milan began with ISO THERMOS, making refrigeration equipment for industry and domestic use. After the war, when all of Italy craved personal transport once again, he could see the business opportunity for making scooters and so in 1948 the Iso Scooter was born.

The early Iso scooter used a split-single 125cc engine and was soon joined by an Iso Moto using the same engine but with more traditional motorcycle styling. They both sold well and Iso complimented their two wheel products with the Isetta bubble car, the success of which led to their licencing it to BMW. That wouldn’t happen today.

By 1957 however, the scooter market was becoming more sophisticated and Iso recognised that their products were a little utilitarian. At the same time, they were approached by an unusual ally, Maserati. Maserati, under Orsi control had entered into an arrangement to design a scooter to be build under licence in Mexico through the connection of a Mexican businessman who was a friend of Adolfo Orsi. This concept however stalled at the design stage and the Orsis, aware of the success of Iso scooters, decided to offer the designs, undertaken by Giulio Alfieri, to Renzo Rivolta. The result was the Iso Diva scooter, a larger, more stylish scooter, also known as Milano outside the home market. It does have the quality of engineering and integrity of a Maserati product.

Using a 146cc single cylinder two-stroke engine with four speeds and a 6.5bhp output, the Diva was a large bore luxury scooter designed for touring. Iso were one of the largest scooter manufacturers in Italy until the 1960s, when they chose to concentrate on building larger, four-wheeled vehicles.

Today, Iso scooters, especially the Diva, are extremely rare and desirable, especially with the Maserati connection. This particular example was imported for us from Italy in early 2015 and since then we have procured a dating letter from the VMCC and a NOVA reference, making registration, once restored straightforward.

Built in 1960, this Diva is complete and although tatty, eminently restorable. No attempt has been made to start it but it does kick over OK.

This would make a fabulous centrepiece to that Iso garage alongside the Grifo and the Lele and well maybe the Isetta as well.