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As early as 1919, Giacomo Daldi and Luigi Matteuci started a company in Milan to manufacture engine and transmission parts. Both were excellent engineers and the business flourished. By 1928 and now with Daldi’s brothers Dino and Zeno, they set up a limited company called DEMM – Daldi e Matteuci Milano.

 Almost immediately however, they moved their production facility to Porretta Terme near Bologna. The company that started there is still making gearbox parts today, having been taken over by Graziano, itself taken over by Oerlikon in 2012.

 However, it is the immediate post war era that interests us as DEMM became a motorcycle manufacturer in its own right, designing and building a number of different capacity two-stroke engines. The most significant was the 50cc and in 1956, they launched the first of what was become a series of models called Dick Dick.

 Using this engine and its derivatives, DEMM made a name for themselves in record breaking. At the 1958 Earls Court Motorcycle Show they displayed their DEMM torpedo, a fully streamlined-bodied motocycle that broke 26 World Records. And yes, they did sell a motorcycle with the name Dick Dick in England. It was distributed by G. Nannuccis in Tottenham Court Road, who also held the franchise for Maserati Motorcycles in the UK.

 DEMM continued to make a variety of motos and mopeds until 1982 and this moped which is one of the last of the Dick series (called the Dick 3T because of the three speed transmission) was made in around 1972. It came from an Italian collector of bric a brac without any documents but as there is a DEMM museum in Porretta Terme, it would be possible to obtain a dating letter and therefore register this handsome beast.

 It is in very original condition apart from possibly the later seat and missing one grip and although no attempt has been made to run it, it does turn over OK. These early mopeds are good fun and interest in them is growing all the time.