Bianchi Gardena 75

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The oldest of all Italian motorcycle manufacturers, Bianchi, founded in 1885, built his first motorcycle in 1897. The company went on to make cycles and cars as well as motorcycles and enjoyed a lot of success in racing just about anything with two wheels.

By the 1960s, the motorcycle part of the business was in decline (the car side having already been sold to Fiat in 1955) and Bianchi’s last bikes were built in 1967 before the company was absorbed into Innocenti. The cycles of course continue to this day and are what the company is now best known for.

From the late 1950s to the mid-1960s, Bianchi attempted to diversify their range to increase its appeal and during this time made a number of different small capacity motorcycles and ciclomotos. One of the best-looking of the latter was the Gardena, as seen here. Presented in 1959, the Gardena used a single-cylinder two-stroke engine of 75cc developing 3.5hp at 7000rpm and driving through a three-speed gearbox.

This is a very cute-looking bike, bought direct from Italy by McGrath Italian in 2012. It is incredibly original, even down to the chequers on the front forks and while in need of recommissioning, does turn over easily on the pedals and would probably go if you talked nicely to it (and added some petrol). We are currently applying for a dating letter and NOVA reference.

Ciclomotos are a whole area of classic motorcycling that is yet to fully develop but the signs are there. The VMCC run moped rallies and what better bike to attend on than this much more exciting alternative to another Honda C90. Perhaps you should get on the curve while it is still flat!