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More famous today for their fabulous grand touring cars such as Grifo and Lele, Iso Rivolta did however start in a much more modest way. Renzo Rivolta’s company from Bresso near Milan began with ISO THERMOS, making refrigeration equipment for industry and domestic use. After the war, when all of Italy craved personal transport once again, he could see the business opportunity for making scooters and so in 1948 the Iso scooter was born.

The early Iso scooter used a split-single 125cc engine and was soon joined by an Iso Moto using the same engine but with more traditional motorcycle styling, Renzo Rivolta having correctly identified that as buyer’s incomes increased as Italy continued to find its feet, they would be interested in a range of different products at different price points.

The Isomoto as it was called was a lighter, more streamlined version of the scooter and was a great success. By the dawn of the 1950s, Iso had gone from being a bit player in the motorcycle industry to being the third largest producer after Piaggio and Innocenti.

The key to the Isomoto’s success was the split single engine, where a second piston helps to fill the combustion area of the first and expel exhaust gases through a second exhaust port. The power output was 6.7bhp at 5,200rpm and driving through a three speed foot change gearbox, the performance was excellent for the time.

Iso continued to make the moto until 1957, when the new Iso Diva scooter replaced the whole split single series. However, it was also made under licence in Spain and it is a Spanish Isomoto that we offer from the McGrath Italian collection.

Although originally Spanish built, this Isomoto was imported into the UK from Italy in 2013 and we purchased it later that year. It has been restored and is in excellent authentic condition. The ‘suitcase’ luggage currently fitted is an amusing extra but there is a second seat that goes with the bike if preferred!

It has a NOVA reference and a UK registration with V5C in our name. No longer needing an MOT and with free road tax, it also has an original owners manual included. The Isomoto runs well and sounds good but would probably benefit from a service before use as it has not been used recently. A great addition to any Iso collection.