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The definition of cool and the ultimate Q car. This is the Lancia Thema 8.32. Quite how this combination of Ferrari engine and Lancia Berlina came together is still a mystery but you can guarantee that this wouldn’t happen today.

Of course, the engine in the 8.32 wasn’t quite what it purported to be. Yes, it was a 32 valve Ferrari V8, but actually a special version built for the Thema and in the Ducati Factory of all places. However, it produced 215bhp which in a saloon car in 1987 wasn’t too shabby.

The Thema was part of the joint initiative between Lancia and Saab, later joined by Alfa Romeo and Fiat so the Thema shared some chassis and suspension with other saloons like the 164 and Croma. All had one other thing in common – they were great handling cars!

This particular 8.32 was sold new in Germany in 1987 but we purchased it from an enthusiast in Alsace France last year, who drove it over to us. It is in fantastic original condition, resplendent in Reflex Green (the rarest of the 8.32 colours) and with immaculate and sumptuous biscuit leather trim.

This car has covered just over 100,000 kms in its life and had a major cam belt service and new clutch in 2014 at 93,000 kms. It drives superbly and everything works. Since purchase, all we have had to do is MOT and register the car in the UK. It has an enormous history file with it, including extensive service invoices, brochures and manuals. This car has had some serious love.

It has just been photographed for Auto Italia magazine and driven by respected journalist Richard Heseltine, the article being published in the September 2016 issue.

If you want a Thema 8.32 and no Italian collection should be without one, then look no further as this is about as good as they get.