Francis Lombardi Grand Prix

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They say only 150 cars were built of this type, spread between Francis Lombardi, Abarth and Giannini. This is a Francis Lombardi version, known as the ‘Grand Prix’. Using the Fiat 850 Coupe floorpan and running gear, new coupe bodies were constructed in steel with a fibreglass rear section.

The body and structure of this particular example is in excellent condition and although the paint is quite old, it polishes up to a lustrous shine as you can see from the photos. We’ve only just got this car and therefore are still preparing it but a short test drive proved that everything works and the 850 Coupe engine runs very sweetly. Even the pop up headlights work.

The interior of this car is in excellent condition with all of its original features including the Francis Lombardi logo on the speedometer face.

Included in the sale of this car is UK registration and once completed, this car is eligible for a number of high profile events. It’s rarity will see to that.

It could be converted to Abarth spec if you wanted but with so few built and it being in such original condition, that might be a shame.