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Probably the most universally loved Italian car of the 1980s, the Fiat Panda 4×4 was a ground-breaking car in many ways. A utility vehicle for sure, but one with enormous ability off-road, huge practicality and economy and a like the original Mini, classless. Original 4X4s are still kept in garages of large villas all over the mountainous parts of Italy as the only winter transport.

This particular 4×4 has probably never seen an Italian winter as it has survived remarkably well. Imported by McGrath Italian in December 2016 from northern Italy, it has only covered 96,000 kms and is in immaculate condition. There is not an ounce of rust; the underside has been detailed and is as clean as the outside, the inside and the engine bay. It sailed through an MOT once here and has been UK registered by us. It is also totally original and unspoilt.

This is a later series 1 car with the ‘FIRE’ engine and 5 speed gearbox. On the road it performs like it should, with direct steering, good suspension and brakes and a willing engine. The cam belt was changed at 82,000 kms and there really is nothing to do apart from drive and enjoy.

Since purchase, the car has covered only a few miles but did take part in a recent Auto Italia photoshoot and article with Series 2 and 3 versions. It fared well against its newer brothers!

The world is waking up to the charms of the original Panda and this is a fantastic way to appreciate this for yourself. While most examples desperately need restoration now, the cost of doing so to this standard would be far in excess of the price of this one. It’s not cheap but you will not be disappointed.

The car comes with 12 months MOT, copies of the original Italian registration and current V5C.