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It could be fresh from an Italian vineyard or olive grove. The Fiat Panda 4×4 has to be the one of the most iconic Italian cars of all time. A recent import from the La Spezia area of Italy by McGrath Italian,¬†¬†this example is from the first series, dating from 1985. It has the original 965cc engine, a version of that fitted in the Autobianchi Abarth A112, but detuned in this guise to 48bhp. It also has the lux interior of black vinyl – though still with the famous ‘deckchair’ style, the lower half panelling in black and the indented bootlid (a must for the Panda cognoscenti), all first series signatures.

Little is known of it’s early history but it has clearly seen some off-road action if the chunky M&S tyres are anything to go by. Or indeed, the slightly wobbly nature of most of the plastic trims! Though fascinatingly, this car has an ASI certificate, which means that someone recognised what an early example it was and had it inspected and confirmed as an original example by the Automotoclub Storico Italiano in 2011.

The condition of this car is certainly used, but it is basically sound and a worthwhile project. It comes with an Italian Registration Document, the ASI certificate and a NOVA number. This is a great example of a modern icon that is surely going to become more and more collectable.

This car forms part of a consignment from McGrath Italian to Brightwells auction on 26th September.