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When was the last time you saw one of these? Every so often, something comes along that you know is just right and when we first saw this Fiat Panda, we just knew it was a perfect car for McGrath Italian.

The first series cars with the metal grille are the purist versions of Giugiaro’s original – it is said to be one of his favourite designs. They were available in 2 and 4-cylinder versions, known as Panda 30 and 45. You can tell at a glance because the slats in the metal grille are on different sides for the two versions. This makes our car a Panda 30 and it dates from 1981, the first year of production. Open the bonnet and there is an air cooled 652cc engine familiar to most nuova 500 and 126 fanciers. It has a character all its own but is actually surprisingly peppy on the road.

This car was imported by McGrath Italian from northern Italy in December 2016 and sailed through an MOT test before being UK registered by us. The Panda 30 was never officially imported here though the 45 was. However, they are all but extinct on British roads due to rust. This car has been spared that fate, having survived in time warp condition. It is absolutely, totally, original, and immaculate. The underside has been detailed to perfection and is as good as the outside and the engine bay. The interior has a small amount of wear on the driver’s seat, where some of the stitching has come away but it too is completely original, even down to the poverty spec rubber mats. It has only covered 47,000 kms and drives like a new car.

Interest in Fiat Pandas is growing from a classic perspective and here is a rare opportunity to get ahead of the curve. There cannot be many of these early cars in this kind of condition, even in Italy and this one is available here and now, ready to drive and show. It is not cheap but restoration of a poor example would likely cost more than this and would never attain such originality.

The Panda comes with 12 months MOT, copies of the original Italian documents and a current UK V5C.