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This very rare Fiat 241 has been part of our collection for some time now. Although similar in cab design to the 238 van, this is a proper commercial, with a Diesel engine and 24volt electrical system. It feels surprisingly similar to our 1400B diesel to drive! Acceleration is a leisurely but satisfying experience.

Commercial vehicles used to be made for many years with little design change and this is certainly the case here. This vehicle, which looks very 1960s was actually made in 1977. At least this means it has had less chance to deteriorate. Indeed, this is an extremely sound vehicle and while the paint is tatty in places, it is certainly not a candidate for body restoration. Much better to preserve something like this in our book.

This example was imported by us from Southern Italy a few years ago but sadly hasn’t been used. When it arrived, it had a single seater racing car on the pick up bed. Well, Abarth used to do it didn’t they?

This would make a fabulously stylish race car transporter or classic commercial with a difference, for we’re guessing that this is probably the only one in the UK.

The pick up is for sale now to fund our 238 van restoration (Which is rusty!). Sad but true. It requires some recommissioning but does actually run and has been driven a short distance. Comes with NOVA import doc and UK registration. It is old enough to qualify as a VHI and therefore the tax is free and it is MOT exempt.

This vehicle forms part of a consignment from McGrath Italian to Brightwells auction on 26th September.