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Its hard to believe nowadays but this was once the best-selling car in Europe. During the 1970s, the Fiat 127 ruled the dealerships from Palermo to Perth and by the time this example was built in 1981, its reputation was well-established. This is what Fiat called at the time the ‘new’ 127, which was actually the second facelift of the original, the first making the car into one of the first hatchbacks.

The ‘new’ 127 was offered in C, L or CL specification, the latter using the new 1050cc engine. This example is however the L model, which means it has the 903cc engine, derived from the old 850. This is one of the classic Fiat engines, known for its giant-killing performance from such modest specification.

This particularly 127 was imported from Southern Italy by McGrath Italian recently. We can report that the body is excellent in blu adriatico and the interior and engine bay are very tidy but there is some work to do on the floorpans and sills. At some point the car has acquired a set of later Fiat alloy wheels in place of the original steels but these do compliment the looks.

The 127 effectively has the running gear of the 128 saloon and both cars were popular in racing in their day because of innate good handling and tuneability. Values of 128s have risen quickly over the last few years and it can only be a matter of time before interest turns to the 127.

Of course, most will have rusted away  completely by now so it  is unusual to see one as tidy as this. It is currently NOVA certified in the UK. There are also Italian registration documents on file.

Please note that this is a PROJECT requiring work before it could be submitted for an MOT test. But certainly one worth doing.

This car forms part of a consignment from McGrath Italian to Brightwells auction on 26th September.