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Once a common site on roads all over Europe, the Fiat 124 saloon is now a rarity as most examples have either worn out or turned to rust. That this particular example has survived so well is a miracle (literally) and must be due to its very unusual history. Built in July 1973 at Mirafiori, this car is unusual for having been supplied new in Italy in right-hand-drive. Therein lies a tale that we were told by the seller and that we cannot resist re-telling here, even though there is absolutely no documentary evidence to back this up.

A group of Australian nuns moved to Perugia to study in the early 1970s. After a while, they decided to buy a car. Concerned about their lack of experience with left hand drive, they asked through their local Fiat dealer if it were possible to buy a right hand drive car and the request went all the way back to Mirafiori top brass. Initially reluctant, Fiat were persuaded to acquiesce once they knew who the client was a very special order Fiat 124 Special was supplied. Fantastic stuff!

What makes this story believable is the stunning condition of this car. It has clearly hardly been used and shows a total mileage (though unwarranted) of only 31,000kms (yes, the speedometer is still in kms). The interior and the engine bay are almost totally original and in timewarp condition. The exterior has obviously had some paintwork to freshen up the original Verde 374 green exterior but is immaculate and all the detailing is as good as new. The car also drives like one might expect a ‘new’ one to and is good fun. This has to be one of the very best in existence.

As a 1973 example of the 124 Special, this features the 75bhp version of the 1400 engine (this is not the twin-cam of course as that would be Special T), a four speed gearbox and disc brakes all round. It sailed through its first MOT after importation by us last year and is therefore sold with NOVA reference, MOT test and V5C document. Road tax is also free for a car of this age.

As the icing on the cake, this car also has an ASI gold plate, which means that the AUTOMOTOCLUB STORICO ITALIANO has inspected this car and confirmed its authenticity and condition. The plate is included in the paperwork with this car, which also includes original books on Fiat dealers of the world (circa 1973 of course).

A fantastic opportunity to purchase a car in extraordinary condition for a fraction of the cost involved in restoring one to this standard. This car forms part of a consignment by McGrath Italian to Brightwells auction on 26th September.