Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300Ti

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This Giulia saloon was one of the first cars to enter the McGrath Italian collection, in 2011. It was sold new in Italy and imported to the UK sometime in 2010. This is a very original example, still with 1300cc twin-cam engine and single carburettor, developing 84bhp! It drives through a five-speed gearbox and has disc brakes all round.

Since purchase by McGrath Italian, it has been steadily maintained and improved with a number of mechanical jobs being carried out, most recently a new exhaust system, wheel refurbishment and a new brake servo. We have used the car to promote the business and for pleasure and it drives very well indeed.

It has also had something of a celebrity past in that a couple of years ago, Alfa Romeo UK borrowed the car to tour the UK to promote the launch of the new Giulia. It was good enough for them to have on display at the press launch in the Cotswolds as well and a number of motoring journalists said they actually still preferred the older car! Alfa UK also added the green cloverleafs on the flanks of the car – for effect they said!

The body is very good but an older restoration, though eminently usable as is. The interior features grey cloth and original ‘Alfa’ motif rubber mats. In addition, the car features a ‘Hellebore’ wood rim steering wheel, which was a period option.

With no need for MOT and free road tax, this Alfa is ready to use and delight.

This car forms part of a consignment from McGrath Italian to Brightwells auctions on September 26th.